ASAP: Where We Always Say A Prayer For You

ASAP: Where We Always Say A Prayer For You

It’s the holiday season, and with it, comes a time of reflection. For us at ASAP Pharmacy, it is also a time of gratitude for the opportunity we get every single day to be a part of so many lives. Rest assured, we don’t take this for granted. It has long been our heart to change the way health care works by seeking to go beyond the prescription. To us, people aren’t numbers or just another script to fill, people are heartbeats with real stories.

Recently, our team member Shawn shared with us something special about the very fabric of what we do. When we asked if he would be willing to share in our company blog, he jumped at the chance. In his own words..

“When I first joined up with ASAP I was to be mentored by my now good friend Gilbert Russell. I kid Gilbert because he is totally ASAP branded in his clothing. ASAP polo shirts, ASAP dress shirts, ASAP jackets, if you can put a logo on it, Gilbert has it. Now Gilbert’s logo shirts have our logo but then he added to the bottom of the logo – ASAP, Where we Always Say A Prayer for you.

When it came time for me to order logo shirts I asked, “do I have to get the prayer thing on the logo shirt?”. Now I pray and am active in my christian faith, but I had no intention of “wearing my faith on my sleeve.” Again, I am not a stranger to being open about my faith walk, but not sure I was going to be a dual purpose billboard. Well, as I have come to discover, Where we Always Say A Prayer for you is not just a slogan, but the underpinning of how we go Beyond the Prescription. Because these two foundational principles affect how we endeavor to care for our patients. Allow me to give you some examples.

Every quarter ASAP has a staff wide business meeting with all the employees and the owners. We always start the meeting with asking if there are any special needs that we can we can pray for our patients. Without divulging any confidences we say well one of our Lyme patients is struggling with missing work or one of our Hemophilia patient’s wife is having surgery. We then go on to pray for these people. Somewhere over the course of the following weeks, our patient advocates during a regular follow-up share with the patient, we prayed for you as a company. In many ways we care for the whole person, and so that is why we pray for them as a company.

We were at a trade show for one of the diseases we treat. While there, one of the vendors had a serious situation in their family at home. It was clearly weighing heavy on our friend. Now we were there to meet patients and show them that we are different in How We Go Beyond the Prescription, but here our industry friend was hurting with a heavy pain. We asked her if we could pray for her. Quietly we went into a corner, formed a circle and prayed for our friend. Moments and shared tears later, we hugged our friend who knew we cared enough to pray for her.

Recently I was talking with one of our patients, just catching up during the month. This call was different from our normal banter. Quickly we got to one of their children was going to be tested for indicated disease symptoms. The life of a chronically ill person is never easy, but when one their children or spouses become ill, their burden is multiplied. These patients have to reach deep into their own pain and pull out the courage that they only reserve for themselves. So here we were just two parents brought together by a chronic illness talking about a new challenge. I really had little to offer as my patient/friend faced a dark time for his child. The words were failing me until I thought Where We Always Say A Prayer for you. It may not have been on my shirt but in was in my spiritual DNA. I asked if I could pray for his child and family. Right there on the phone we went to the Source greater than us. I asked God to be merciful and grant the whole family peace.

The world ASAP serves is a hard world, chronic illnesses. We treat the illnesses in cooperation with their doctors orders. We go beyond just filling the script. We are sensitive to what kind of ancillary supplies they want. If you want an extra flush kit, you got it. If the kids like superhero or princess band aids, they get them. These are little things that mean a lot to a patient. We have been known to put a patient’s favorite candy in their shipment. We go beyond the prescription trying to treat the whole person. But we can only do what we can do, and believe me, we do as much as we can. This responsibility of being a part of your healthcare team weighs heavy on us. As we pack your meds, take your calls or file your insurance, as we have on occasion, We Always Say A Prayer For You. I will soon be ordering new shirts, not sure if I am adding the prayer thing, but be assured it is in the fabric of all who wear the ASAP logo.”

At ASAP Pharmacy, we go beyond the prescription, because you matter. Thank you for trusting us with your care. We are honored.

(Featured in photo above is our dear friend Darlene of Danny’s Dose along with Gilbert Russell wearing his ASAP shirt.)

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  1. You are such a blessing to our family. When stopping in the office you are never too busy to stop and talk and let us share our lives with you all. We are so fortunate to have had you all placed in our lives at just the right time. We know that our paths crossing were not a coincidence. God’s timing is never to early and never too late, but perfect. We wouldn’t be able to continue with our care without you. Thank you.

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