Honoring Our Superhero Patients!

Honoring Our Superhero Patients!

At American Service and Product, ASAP Pharmacy, our goal has always been to make your life easier so you can spend less time worrying about your illness and more time getting on with your life. At ASAP, patients aren’t just a number on an order form, they are family. That’s why we aim to go beyond the prescription in everything we do.

That’s why we recently took a few moments during National Patient Recognition Week to honor our patients and to recognize them as the very reason we wake up every day and come to work and do what we get to do. For us, though, it’s not a job. Going beyond the prescription is our heartbeat and each and every patient is a friend, brother, sister, father, mother, husband, wife, daughter, or son.

What Is National Patient Recognition Week?

According to personalizedcause.com, National Patient Recognition Week is also observed in February. This special date was founded by John O’Malley in 1995. National Patient Recognition Week promotes observance of health care patients, and it is rather unique since most health care awareness dates focus on health care personnel or specific health issues. National Patient Recognition Week revolves around patient satisfaction, and upon observing patient satisfaction, health care providers can use the time to consider ways in which they can enhance it. Personnel in the healthcare industry commit to patient care everyday, but with the arrival of the first week in February, they can make sure to go the extra mile and let patients know how important their well-being is.

ASAP would like to take a few moments to introduce you to some of the amazing and courageous people we get to come alongside of each and every day. It has and continues to be an incredible honor to be invited to share life with so many amazing people.

Meet Sarah

Having a chronic illness can be a very solitary life and strangely your disruptive illness has become your normal. Normal frequent trips to the doctor. Normal hours on end on the phone with the insurance company. Normal infusions or daily treatments. Normal daily, debilitating fatigue. Normal pain that daily racks your body but is not visible to those who see you. In some cases, normal struggles with family members who still don’t understand your illness or are themselves fatigued by it. Finally, a normal that you often feel all alone.

In the summer of 2016, we met the author Sarah Forgrave at a conference. When we found out she was an author, we asked her what her book was about. Sarah told us she had written an inspirational book for those with chronic illnesses. We were amazed that there was even such a book. We were even more intrigued because we knew of many patients that longed for someone to understand how they felt and how their illness could relate to them as a person with a body, mind and soul.

We asked Sarah, “Why you? You look perfectly normal to write such a book.” This was her answer:

“In some ways, I feel as if my whole life’s story prepared me to write Prayers for Hope and Healing. Starting at the age of four, I watched my sister battle Stage 4 cancer and go through a bone marrow transplant. Since we shared a bedroom growing up, I had a front row view to the challenges a person faces during medical hardships.”

You can read more about Sarah’s story here.

Meet Peter

Peter always brings his own band aids to the doctor for visits when he knows they’ll be drawing blood. When he arrives, the staff always tells him they have bandaids he can use. Undeterred, Peter’s response is always the same, “But you don’t have Avengers bandaids.”

Peter, who has hemophilia, has become a dear friend over the years. In what was originally an off the cuff remark he once made, it led to making sure that every delivery with his name on it must always include superhero bandaids.

“Bandaids are so plain. The tan color doesn’t match your skin. So, why be tan?” After that, if we can pack an Avengers, Spiderman, or even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles band-aid along with his factor, we absolutely did.

At ASAP, we absolutely love our friend Peter. He represents so many others that we get to walk with every single day. For them, the journey has not been easy. Yet, the lessons we have learned from each patient we get the honoring of serving, has made better human beings of us all.

For you and them, you are our superheroes.

After Patient Recognition Week Ends

American Service and Product, ASAP Pharmacy, is a fully licensed pharmacy, specializing in helping people with expensive medication therapy for their chronic conditions. Our Pharmacy supplies a comprehensive spectrum of specialty pharmacy medication and ancillary products to treat those dealing with a myriad of chronic illnesses.

We are a community. We believe we have a responsibility to serve our patients ‘beyond the prescription’. We know each individual is unique so we tailor their care to ensure that their needs and concerns are met in a compassionate and holistic manner.

But the truth is,  that long after Patient Recognition Week comes to a close, the recognition doesn’t end. To us, every day matters. For many of our patients, it’s every moment that matters. At ASAP, we love weeks like this that are aimed to recognize the patient. But do you want to know what we love even more? That we get to do this every day.

To our patients and their loved ones and community. Thank you for the honoring of going beyond the prescription for you. To learn more about us, click here.

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