About Our Pharmacy

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American Service and Product, ASAP Pharmacy is a fully licensed pharmacy, specializing in helping people with expensive medication therapy for their chronic conditions. Our Pharmacy supplies a comprehensive spectrum of specialty pharmacy medication and ancillary products to treat those dealing with the following conditions: Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Hemophilia, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and von Willebrand Disease.

Who Is ASAP?

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Hans Kuhn


Hans Kuhn is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has successfully built three businesses. He became interested in opening a pharmacy after watching some of his chronically ill relatives have trouble receiving compassionate care. He lives in Illinois with his wife, Nancy. Hans enjoys supporting local charities. In his free time, Hans likes to play outdoors with his five children and three grandchildren.

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Dr. Priti Shah, PharmD


Priti is a pharmacist and entrepreneur who spent the earlier part of her career in retail and independent pharmacy, as well as education and is now excited to be a part of ASAP Pharmacy. She is caring, empowering, motivated, and values the opportunity to help educate and serve the community. She enjoys spending time with her two teenage boys and her dog, CoCo. She is actively involved in her local Rotary Club & Boys Scouts. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking, yoga, walking with her dog, playing board games, and chatting with just about everyone, cherishing the opportunity to make others smile!

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Gilbert Russell

Vice-President of Business Development

Gilbert is a testament to the grace and love that the Lord bestows upon His children. He is a kind and generous man who lives his life in faith. Gilbert possesses the courage of his convictions. He is devoted to his family. He and his exceptional Marie have been married for more than 44 years. They have a set of twins, a beautiful and talented daughter, and a charmingly gregarious son. Gilbert is a serious sports enthusiast and finds considerable enjoyment in the gentleman’s sport of golf. He joyfully connects with people and, through faith, love and compassion, he altruistically works to improve lives. He has been a gift to ASAP since 2003.

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Dawn Kamp

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Dawn works behind the scenes so to speak, doing daily bookkeeping for the company alongside her sister Nancy Kuhn, one of the Pharmacy owners. Every day is a new learning experience for her but one she enjoys immensely. Dawn and her husband Len have three adult children and seven grandchildren that are the love of her life.

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Shawn Kuhn

Business Development Coordinator and Patient Advocate

Shawn comes to ASAP with years of business experience, but his real passion stems from his family’s intersection with catastrophic illnesses. His family has three generations of hemophilia, though it was only discovered in his two brothers in their late teens. He has lost an older brother to Hep C complications and has another brother who lives with hemophilia HIV. Shawn has embraced our company’s motto, “going beyond the prescription.”


ASAP Pharmacy Awarded Accreditation From The Joint Commission

American Service and Product, ASAP Pharmacy, has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for accreditation by demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards for health care quality and safety in home care. The accreditation award recognizes American Service and Product, Inc., ASAP Pharmacy’s dedication to continuous compliance with The Joint Commission’s state of the art standards.

Established in 1988, The Joint Commission’s Home Care Accreditation Program accredits more than 5,600 organizations. The Joint Commission’s standards address the home care organization’s performance in specific areas, and specify requirements to ensure that patient care and services are provided in a safe manner. The Joint Commission develops its standards in consultation with health care experts, providers and researchers, as well as measurement experts, purchasers and consumers.

“In achieving Joint Commission accreditation, American Service and Product, ASAP Pharmacy, has demonstrated its commitment to the highest level of care for its patients,” says Margherita Labson, R.N., executive director, Home Care Accreditation, The Joint Commission. “Accreditation is a voluntary process and I commend American Service and Product, Inc., ASAP Pharmacy, for successfully undertaking this challenge to elevate its standard of care and instill confidence in the community it serves.”

“At ASAP Pharmacy, we strive to improve the personalized care we offer to each individual that chooses to use our pharmacy. Joint Commission accreditation provides us with a framework to help maintain a culture of excellence,” says Hans Kuhn, Corporate President.

Our Mission

At ASAP Pharmacy, we value our call to be servants. We recognize the value of every person and promise to give them excellent and personalized care: to educate, empower, and equip each one to experience a fuller quality of life beyond the prescription.

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Our History

When we opened our pharmacy doors, we were fulfilling a decades-long

dream of changing the way healthcare works. Our family has been personally affected by many chronic illnesses, including Hemophilia, Cancer, Diabetes, and Crohn’s Disease. We believe a pharmacy has the responsibility and the resources to go beyond dispensing medication. At ASAP Pharmacy, we are trying to be an example of what healthcare can really mean.

We are a fully licensed pharmacy, specializing in expensive therapies for chronic illnesses. Our goal is to make your life easier…this means less time worrying about your illness and more time getting on with your life.

Hans & Nancy Kuhn